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Helpful Tips for DIY Car Washing

Helpful Tips for DIY Car Washing

While the team at King’s Deluxe would prefer you bring your vehicle to us for outstanding car wash results – or allow us to come to you to handle the job wherever you are in Springfield, Illinois, we know there are those out there who just like to handle things like this on their own. And, because we care about how it turns out for you we wanted to share some tips from our experts that should help you avoid any unpleasantness during and after the car wash experience.

Tip #1: Use the Right Products

We can’t stress this enough – product selection is vital to a successful cleaning. More than that, it will protect your vehicle’s finish from the unfortunate side effects of using the wrong product – like dish soap. Cleaners like those aren’t specifically formulated to work on paint jobs, so they can degrade the protective wax coating that protects your finish. Buy a product that was made for the job and you’ll avoid any issues after the fact.

No one wants to work really hard to clean their vehicle only to realize too late that they were damaging it the entire time.

Tip #2: Get the Right Tools

Okay, so you’re a DIY person who believes that everything and anything that can be done should be done by you and no one else. We respect that mindset and wrote this in honor of people just like you. Even though we believe that the best washes come from King’s Deluxe, we understand your desire to see it done and offer this tidbit – get the right tools. You want sponges and a lamb’s wool mitt, as well as soft cloths or microfiber cloths if you can get them.

The right tools can make a long job shorter, a tedious job easier and the results much more satisfying as a do-it-yourselfer.

Tip #3: Pick the Right Time

The last tip we have for you has to do with when you wash your car – specifically when not to wash it. Never wash a vehicle after driving it for a long period of time. The engine compartment heats up a lot and that will impact the time it takes water and soap to dry on the paintjob. Best to allow it to cool down before getting started. This applies to the sun too. If the vehicle has been sitting in direct sunlight on a hot day it may be difficult to get the best finish.

When it’s hot outside and you think it’s a great time to play with the water hose, you may want to think again and wait until it cools down!

A Few Final Thoughts

Everyone has a fond memory of car washing. It can be an enjoyable experience if you follow the three simple tips we’ve outlined for you above. Honestly, you’re capable of doing a fantastic job and should be proud of what you’re able to accomplish. But it takes a while to do the job right and you may not always have the time or the tools or the patience. When those times hit, that’s when you call on King’s Deluxe at (217) 670-5169 for the best car wash in town – at our location or we’ll come right to you!

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