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Benefits of Bringing Your Vehicle to King’s Deluxe

Benefits of Bringing Your Vehicle to King’s Deluxe

The King’s Deluxe brand began as a unique concept. We would bring the finest handwashing and detailing services for cars, truck and vans right to our customers’ doors. That’s right, we perfected mobile car washing and our customers love it! They love it so much that they begged us to offer them a physical location where they could get all the perks of a King’s Deluxe service while they’re out and about in Springfield. These services include:

  • The Emerald
  • The Royal Treatment
  • The Ultimate Interior
  • The Standard Detail
  • Wash, Clay & Wax

Let’s take a look at the benefits you can expect when you bring your vehicle in to King’s Deluxe – any make or model car, truck or van. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • The Right Tools for Any Job: That’s right – when you bring your vehicle to our physical location in Springfield, we have all of the tools we’ll need to deliver a fantastic finish right at our fingertips. Our bays have been custom designed to allow our team members the greatest access to your vehicle’s exterior and plenty of room to work inside!
  • The Right Products On-Hand: When it’s time to handle an unforeseen issue during a washing or detailing job, it’s pure luck sometimes if you’re going to have what you need on-hand to deal with it. That’s not the case at King’s Deluxe as we have everything we could ever need right here and we’re able to put it to use without wasting your precious time or money. This goes for our mobile car wash service too. We stock our trucks with it all!
  • Experts in Their Own Environment: Needless to say, our mobile car washing pros do exceptional work – no matter where they’re called out to. But we all know that it’s easiest to do our best work in a completely controlled environment. And that’s what we’ve created at King’s Deluxe – a car wash and detail center that gives us every advantage when we’re taking care of a customers car, truck or van. We put those advantages to work for you every day of the year!
  • Complete Control of the Process: Just as we explained above, our modern car spa gives us complete control of the process from the time we have your vehicle in our possession until the moment we turn it back over to you, our satisfied customer. That means there are no excuses and no issues that will ever keep us from exceeding your expectations at every turn!

With the perfect blend of Old World craftsmanship and the latest technology, we deliver finishes that outshine the competition and last as advertised – all in our custom facility where your vehicle is treated like a king. There’s simply not a better option for a deep, deep cleaning of both your interior and exterior – plus, the pricing can’t be beat in the Springfield area. Get started online by choosing the right package and booking your visit at a time that’s right for you or call us directly at (217) 670-5169 and we’ll help you get set up!

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