Mobile Car Washing

Convenience of Mobile Car Washing

You’ve had a long day and still have loads on your plate, so washing your vehicle is the last thing on your mind – even when you can’t believe how dirty it has gotten. There’s no getting around a messy car in Springfield, especially in the wintertime, so eventually you can’t put it off any longer and dump dollars into a drive-thru car wash to at least clean off the obvious stains. That’s a win, right? Not so much actually and we’ll explain. [Click Title to Read Post]


Helpful Tips for DIY Car Washing

While the team at King’s Deluxe would prefer you bring your vehicle to us for outstanding car wash results – or allow us to come to you to handle the job wherever you are in Springfield, Illinois, we know there are those out there who just like to handle things like this on their own. And, because we care about how it turns out for you we wanted to share some tips from our experts that should help you avoid any unpleasantness during and after the car wash experience. [Click Title to Read Post]


Benefits of Bringing Your Vehicle to King’s Deluxe

The King’s Deluxe brand began as a unique concept. We would bring the finest handwashing and detailing services for cars, truck and vans right to our customers’ doors. That’s right, we perfected mobile car washing and our customers love it! They love it so much that they begged us to offer them a physical location where they could get all the perks of a King’s Deluxe service while they’re out and about in Springfield. These services include: [Click Title to Read Post]

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