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Convenience of Mobile Car Washing

Convenience of Mobile Car Washing

You’ve had a long day and still have loads on your plate, so washing your vehicle is the last thing on your mind – even when you can’t believe how dirty it has gotten. There’s no getting around a messy car in Springfield, especially in the wintertime, so eventually you can’t put it off any longer and dump dollars into a drive-thru car wash to at least clean off the obvious stains. That’s a win, right? Not so much actually and we’ll explain.

First off, you’re not alone. It’s what a lot of people do over and over again because when drawing up priorities in life, the car’s paint job is never high on the list for most. And that’s okay. Why? Well, because you have King’s Deluxe to turn to when times get tough. See, King’s Deluxe isn’t your average car wash. Sure, we have a fantastic physical location where you can bring your vehicle for world-class care, but it’s our mobile car washing that’s revolutionary and sets us apart from all the other options in the Springfield area.

Get any one of our amazing services and never lift a finger aside from dialing (217) 670-5169. Our mobile car washing services include all of the following options:

  • The Emerald
  • The Royal Treatment
  • The Ultimate Interior
  • The Standard Detail
  • Wash, Clay & Wax

Our mobile car washing services comes to you so you don’t have to do a thing other than book the best time for whatever service you need. Want us to focus on the exterior? You got it. Need the interior cleaned? We can do that too. Want both? Our Royal Treatment is perfect for you! In fact, no matter what type of vehicle you have – or what type of car wash experience you need, King’s Deluxe can deliver it at a fantastic price!

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