Wash & Detail Services

At King’s Deluxe, we have a wash and detail package perfect for any vehicle – no matter how dirty it is! From exterior only to interior only and packages that provide the best of both worlds on the inside and out. We have your basic wash and detail package used by our regular customers and our top-of-the-line packages that are best for when your vehicle needs to look and feel its best. In short, we have whatever wash and detail your vehicle is crying out for at incredibly low prices all year round!

The Emerald – Our Most Popular Service!

Is your car, truck, SUV or van in need of a through interior and exterior wash and detail experience from the professionals who know how to do it best? Then you want King’s Deluxe most popular wash and detail package – The Emerald. This is an excellent way to bring your vehicle back to life after a long road trip and while not our recommendation for heavily soiled vehicles, it’s the right choice for any make or model car, truck, van or SUV that just needs an expert’s touch to look its best. Learn more about our Emerald service by clicking here or by calling (217) 670-5169 today!

The Royal Treatment – Steam Clean & Heated Extraction!

Imagine a spa day where your vehicle is given every bit of care and attention it deserves – all for a fair price – from experienced professionals with the right tools and products to deliver a world-class clean inside and out. Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer because that’s exactly what our Royal Treatment is for your car, truck, van or SUV – the red carpet treatment. This is deep cleaning for even the dirtiest of vehicles and produces a vehicle so clean you’ll have to see it to believe it. If this sounds like what your automobile needs, make an appointment at King’s Deluxe by calling (217) 670-5169!

The Ultimate Interior – Springfield’s #1 Detailing Team

With a name like the Ultimate Interior, we’re sure you know what this detail package delivers. This is our Royal Treatment without the exterior steps included, so you get an outstanding deep clean that goes beyond what you can do at the local drive-thru carwash – far beyond. We hit every area with a thorough cleaning and leave your vehicle looking like it just drove off the lot. We’ll be happy to explain all of the tremendous benefits you can see from signing up for the Ultimate Interior service when you call (217) 670-5169 or use our online booking page for an appointment at a time that’s right for you!

The Standard Detail – Your Weekly Wash & Detail

For car, truck, van or SUV owners who like to keep their vehicle looking its best at all times, King’s Deluxe offers the Standard Detail package that delivers a fantastic clean on the interior and exterior for a great price. This is the package our regular customers choose as it’s ideal for maintaining a fabulous finish until the next visit. Handled by professionals with all the right tools and products, it’s the best deal in Springfield when it comes to a clean car, truck, SUV or van, so make the call to (217) 670-5169 today to book an appointment. Or just use our online booking page instead!

Wash, Clay & Wax – Sherman’s Preferred Team

For vehicles with heavily soiled exteriors without the need for attention on the interior, King’s Deluxe recommends our Wash, Clay & Wax package. Yes, you heard that right! We use clay bars to remove contaminants stuck to the paint job and exterior and we do it safely without risk to the vehicle or its finish. It’s a deep-down clean for any make or model car, truck, van or SUV and the price can’t be beat anywhere in the Springfield area. So, bring your vehicle in to King’s Deluxe for our Wash, Clay & Wax package today. Call (217) 67-5169 to learn more and schedule a time for service!

Mobile Car Wash & Detailing

Did you know King’s Deluxe can come to you? It’s true! We offer Springfield’s finest mobile washing and detailing services at prices that you’ll have to see to believe. All of our amazing wash and detail packages are available for you at your home or residence and we bring everything we’ll need with us to complete an unbeatable job. We’re the #1 mobile wash and detail option in Sherman!

If you’d like to get a quote for mobile wash and detail service, all you have to do is call (217) 670-5169 to speak with one of our helpful staff who’ll be thrilled to walk you through our process and what they can expect when they make an appointment. Don’t delay – make the call now!

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For the Cleanest Vehicle in Town!

When your vehicle is looking sad and you’d like to cheer it up, bring it to the only place in Springfield where washing and detailing is an art form – King’s Deluxe. Our talented professionals will treat your car like a king and roll out the red carpet every time you drop by for service. Pick up the phone and call (217) 670-5169 whenever it’s time for an unmatched auto spa experience and our team will deliver – guaranteed!

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