While not our professional recommendation for heavily soiled vans and large SUVs, the Emerald package is our most popular wash and detail for a reason – it delivers a fantastic finish inside and out at an incredibly affordable price!


Our most popular package for 3rd row SUVs and vans at both our Springfield location and for our mobile wash and detail service by far, the Emerald provides everything your vehicle needs both inside and out to look like a million bucks. From caringly washing, detailing and waxing the exterior to ensuring the interior is immaculate for the customer, the Emerald does the job for just about any make or model 3rd row SUV or van on the road today. However, it’s not our recommended package for extremely dirty vehicles due to its light touch. Best for commuter cars and everyday vehicles!

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The Emerald Exterior Steps:
• Thick Foam Applied to Vehicle
• Complete Exterior Wash
• Hand Dry with Plush Microfiber Towels
• Degrease the Entire Vehicle
• Clean/Degrease Wheels & Tires
• Exterior Windows Cleaned
• Apply Tire & Wheel Dressing
• Apply High Quality wax/sealant (by hand or machine)
• Time: 2.5-4hours


The Emerald Interior Steps:
• Ventilation Decontamination
• Trunk Vacuum (must be empty)
• Remove Grease, Grime & Dust
• Clean Interior Panels
• Recondition Interior Panels
• Clean Dash, Seats, Console, etc.
• Clean Interior Compartments
• Wipe Door Jambs Dry
• Deep Clean Carpets with Steam and/or Hot Water Extraction
• Deep Clean Upholstery with Steam and/or Hot Water Extraction
• Deep Clean Leather Seats & Condition
• Rubber/Plastic Mats Pressure Washed
• Recondition Rubber/Plastic Mats with Water-Based Dressing
• Interior Windows Cleaned

* Gift Certificates: Please be advised – pricing is subject to change depending on condition of vehicle.


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