Your car, sedan or coupe takes good care of you. It gets you from A to B and doesn’t ask you for anything. Maybe it’s time you show it how much you care? Give it the Royal Treatment at King’s Deluxe for a great price!


Just as the name suggests, the Royal Treatment from King’s Deluxe is the red carpet treatment for your sedan, coupe, or car in Springfield. Our experts give your vehicle a thorough cleaning and tackle the toughest dirt and grime. We take care of the exterior until it shines and treat the interior like a king with all the bells and whistle thrown in to make this a world-class wash and detail package – all makes and models of cars – including coupes and sedans! It’s the best way to show your vehicle you care in the Springfield area and it’s worth every penny all year round!

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Royal Treatment Exterior Steps:
• Thick Foam Applied to Vehicle
• Complete Exterior Wash
• Hand Dry with Plush Microfiber Towels
• Degrease the Entire Vehicle
• Bug & Tar Removal
• Clay Bar Treatment
• Clean/Degrease Wheels & Tires
• Exterior Windows Cleaned
• Apply Tire & Wheel Dressing
• Trunk Seals & Gas Cap Lid Cleaned
• Engine Bay Detail
• Apply High Quality wax/sealant (by hand or machine)
• Time: 3-5 hours


Royal Treatment Interior Steps:
• Ventilation Decontamination
• Entire Vehicle Vacuum Including Trunk
• Remove Grease, Grime & Dust
• Clean Interior Panels
• Recondition Interior Panels
• Clean Dash, Seats, Console, etc.
• Clean Interior Compartments
• Wipe Door Jambs Dry
• Deep Clean Carpets with Steam and/or Hot Water Extraction
• Deep Clean Upholstery with Steam and/or Hot Water Extraction
• Deep Clean Leather Seats & Condition
• Rubber/Plastic Mats Pressure Washed
• Recondition Rubber/Plastic Mats with Water-Based Dressing
• Mild Odor Removal
• Light Pet Hair Removal
• Headliner Deep Cleaned
• Interior Windows Cleaned

* Gift Certificates: Please be advised – pricing is subject to change depending on condition of vehicle.


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